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If You Buy Policosanol Online
You Need to Know This.

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    All Policosanol is Not Created Equal.


    In a buy policosanol online comparison study conducted by ConsumerLab four of seven policosanol products tested contained only 23% to 78% of the amount listed on the label.


    If quality is important to you be certain that the manufacturer of the supplement meets the Good Manufacturing Practices standards. This insures you that what you see on the label is actually in the bottle!

    There are dozens of policosanol products on the market and to buy policosanol online can be mind boggling.

    A quick review of the "Buy Policosanol Online" sites showed prices ranging from a low of about $11.00 for sixty 20 mg capsules (made from rice wax) to a high of $21.60 for sixty 10 mg. capsules derived from sugar cane.

    The policosanol research suggests the optimum dosage of 20 mg per day, so in the above example the daily cost ranges from 18 cents to 72 cents per day.
    Our price figures out to be about 39 cents per day for the highest quality and best guarantee!

    The original policosanol comparison studies were conducted with policosanol derived from sugar cane. It's wise to avoid policosanol made with bees wax, rice wax or other plant waxes as many are not as effective as the sugar cane formulas.


    The University of Kansas Hospital "Natural Pharmacist" website reports, "There is reason for concern that policosanol products made with bees wax may not be effective."

    Policosanol has been proven safe in clinical trials of more than 30,000 persons!

    Side effects of policosanol are rare and minimal.
    LDL cholesterol levels typically drop by 25-30% during the first 8-12 weeks of therapy.

    HDL cholesterol levels typically increase by 15 to 25% after only two months of use.

    Additional Benefits of policosanol

    Does NOT affect liver function or sexual drive as statin drugs often do.

    Lowers risk of arterial blood clots that can cause a heart attack or stroke.

    This cholesterol supplement may prevent and reverse atherosclerotic lesions.

    Improves intermittent claudication (pain in the leg muscles due to inadequate blood supply.)

    This a convenient one a day capsule that is easy to swallow. It is recommended that it be taken in the evening as more cholesterol is produced at night.

    Policosanol has been proven to be effective for improving cholesterol in studies of nearly 30,000 persons over many years.

    Since you can buy policosanol online from dozens of providers which one should you choose? It depends on your goals but our somewhat prejudiced opinion it makes sense to choose Policosanol Extra Strength from Vital Life Nutritionals, our personal brand.


    Here's a testimonial from one our customers.

    "My cholesterol was 397 and my doctor wanted to put me on Lipitor but I was afraid of the side effects. Gene gave me the research information on policosanol for my doctor to review and although he was somewhat skeptical he gave me the go ahead to give it a try.

    When I got my first follow up test after 8 later total cholesterol had dropped to 240. But the best news is that my HDL cholesterol was up which improved my ratio from 7 to 4.3 which is very good. I am elated and my doctor was pleased and I think a little bit surprised. He said "Keep on doing what you're doing." �
    Edith Mc Gregor


    I'm Gene Millen, the owner of this website.
    Since my 6 way heart by pass operation in 1990 my wife Bernie and I take heart health nutrition very seriously.


    We only recommend the best heart supplements that we can find...ones that we and/or our family and friends personally use.


    These all-natural supplements meet stringent FDA regulations. This is noteworthy, as the FDA does not regulate nutritional supplements.

    All Vital Life Nutritionals products have received the highest rating in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program.

    All supplements are tested to insure proper dissolution and absorption. You can rest assured that Vital Life Nutritionals won�t end up in your urine and what you see on the label is in the bottle!  

    • tal Life Nutritionals are manufactured by Vitamer Labs, a pharmaceutically registered facility that has been a leader in the manufacturing of natural supplements for decades.

    If you don't get the results you expect from any of our products (which is rare) I'll give you a no hassle life time refund. You have the Millen�s Personal Lifetime Guarantee of Satisfaction!

    In the "fine print" you will discover that I am 80 years old, so the life time guarantee may expire in the next 20 years or so.


    We have a powerful incentive to keep you satisfied�our reputation depends on it! We are Independent Business Owners and would consider it a huge favor if you would support our business!


    Doesn�t it make sense to do business with someone you know and trust�and who truly appreciates your business?

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