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Global Cardio Care
We are the largest free-standing health and wellness clinic in the world offering FDA-approved EECP®, enhanced external counterpulsation. Heart health through EECP means screening, education, and treatment of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and other illnesses with enhanced external counterpulsation therapy. Otherwise known as EECP.
A Heart Attack May Arrive Suddenly and Without Warning?
Heart bypass survivor explains heart attack risks that are more dangerous than high cholesterol and how natural heart supplements can send them packing!
Colorado heart - body scans - lung scans - colon scans - body imaging - bone density - early detection - colon cancer screening - virtual colonoscopy
CHBI offers bodyscans and imaging, heartscans, lungscans, virtual colonoscopys, bone densitometry, colon scans, heart disease - early detection and cancer prevention.
Cardiology Online - International Academy of Cardiology
Cardiology Online is a cardiology guide and directory for congresses, meetings and publications on heart disease and heart failure of the International Academy of Cardiology and other organizations and institutions.
Cardiac Specialists
Cardiac Specialists can address every concern regarding your cardiovascular health with expertise and compassion. Our physicians and staff are trained at some of the best heart centers in the country and bring with their expertise and passion for excellence a distinctly humanistic approach.

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