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I recently read a statistic in an article on from a recent study by the American Heart Association. It stated that 40,000 heart attack patients were between the ages of 35 and 44. As soon as I read that, I wondered how many of these heart attack patients were taking statin drugs before they had a heart attack?

About 13 million people take cholesterol-lowering drugs the number one prescription drug in the world is Lipitor! 

Every year nearly 1.2 million people suffer heart attacks in the United States and many of these people are on statin drugs to lower their cholesterol.

Doctors are handing out prescriptions for statin drugs like candy. And it doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 85. Big Pharma continues to make billions of dollars annually supporting  the myth that cholesterol causes heart disease, and unfortunately it’s at the expense of your health.

Learn how everything modern medicine tells you is dead wrong! In this eye-opening and shocking book, The Doctor’s Heart Cure, Dr. Sears shows you how you can lower your cholesterol naturally and reverse the signs of heart disease without harmful and expensive medications – whether you’re an ex-smoker or overweight, and no matter what your age!

To learn more, read below about the real culprits behind today’s #1 killer and how you can naturally reverse heart disease and lower cholesterol.

Everything Modern
Medicine Tells You
About Heart Disease
is Dead Wrong!

  • Lowering Your Cholesterol Won’t Save You!

  • Eating a Low-Fat Diet Won’t Keep You from Having a Heart Attack!

  • Traditional “Cardio” Only Makes Your Heart Weaker!

Today’s #1 Doctor Reveals the
Culprits behind Today’s #1 Killer

Get Your Hands on this
Explosive New Bombshell:

The Doctor’s Heart Cure

With the advances of science, why does heart disease remain our number one killer? 

For decades, Americans have followed the advice of the American Heart Association.  They’ve given up foods they love, sacrificed simple pleasures and exercised until they dropped. What’s worse, many took dangerous drugs. 

Despite all the warnings and good intentions, one million Americans will die of cardiovascular disease – this year alone… That’s an all-time record!

Why? Because the advice we’re following is just plain wrong

Giving up meat and eggs, jogging, eating low-fat foods and taking cholesterol-lowering drugs will NOT protect your heart or prevent cardiovascular disease!

How can I be so sure?

First, I want you to know … right now … You never have to worry about heart attacks or heart disease ever again. Your number 1 threat of sudden death and permanent disability is over, gone forever!

My name is Dr. Al Sears. In the 15 years I've been working with heart disease victims, the Wellness Research Foundation and thousands of my own patients, I’ve developed an entirely different approach to heart health. And, it works every time.

I’ve put it all together in your easy-to-read, easy-to-use solution: The Doctor’s Heart Cure.

You’ll use the same new approach I use in my clinics to:

  • Erase all your symptoms of heart disease.

  • Measure your true heart health.

  • Get off energy-robbing cholesterol drugs.

  • Supercharge your heart’s pumping capacity.

  • Normalize your blood pressure without toxic drugs.

  • Enjoy real food - rich in fats - that actually protect your heart.

  • Build such vigorous heart, lung and blood vessel strength that you’ll never worry about heart disease again!

Right from the start, you’ll get everything you need to make heart disease a thing of the past.  Then, I’ll explode the myths of heart disease. I’ll crack open the lies and half-truths that send so many to an early grave – and actually put you at greater risk!

Myth #1: You Need to Avoid Eating Fat. The American Heart Association links dietary fat to heart disease and warns you to eat a low-fat diet.  But dietary fat is NOT to blame. In fact, a low-fat diet will only make the problem worse – and give you a fistful of new problems.  

Myth #2: You Need “Cardio” to Protect Your Heart. The government’s National Institute of Health, (NIH) claims you need 60 minutes of aerobic exercise a day. But this type of prolonged “cardio” mimics stress and breaks down vital heart muscle. “Cardio” workouts are not only a waste of your time; they actually cause other health problems.

Myth #3: You Need to Keep Your Cholesterol Below 200. The rampant notion of insisting your cholesterol stay below 200 does more harm than good. 80% of all people who have heart attacks have “normal” cholesterols. And the drugs make you tired and actually weaken your heart.

No More Nagging Fear…  No More Ineffective Sacrifice…
No More Wasted Energy Worrying… And No More Toxic Drugs!

Cross heart disease off your list of things to worry about. The Doctor’s Heart Cure takes you beyond a cure to a heart disease-free life.

And, here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll discover:

  • Find out how the real fast track to weight loss melts body fat. (This is the fat burning technique I use myself – every morning.)

  • I’ll show you the secret to enjoying a thick, Porterhouse steak – with peace of mind and not a shred of guilt.

  • I’ll teach you step-by-step, the safest and most reliable way to beat high blood pressure and diabeteswithout dangerous or expensive drugs.

  • Never “diet” again. You’ll learn my simple rules for healthy eating. Follow these easy guidelines and you’ll hit your ideal bodyweight – and keep it!

  • Throw away your jogging shoes. You’ll see why traditional “cardio” actually makes your heart weaker. I’ll introduce you to PACE® - my patented exercise program. With PACE® you’ll burn fat, build muscle and give your heart the capacity to avoid heart attacks – all in 10 minutes a day.

“I Beat Heart Disease, Threw My Medications Away –
Lost Over 125 Pounds”

When Edward S. came to my clinic, he had a weak heart, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, weighed over 300 pounds and was taking six prescription drugs. To top it off, years of low-fat diets were taking their toll.

Today, Ed has a disease-free heart, no longer has diabetes, has no need for cholesterol drugs and has normal blood pressure. He’s also about 125 pounds lighter. If you saw him on the street, you could easily mistake him for an athlete.

Take a look at how his body fat dropped from 119 pounds to a trim and lean 22 pounds with The Doctor’s Heart Cure program:






% Body Fat





Lbs of Fat





Lean Body Mass





Now YOU Can Get the Same Results – You’ll Find Every Detail of This Winning Formula in The Doctor’s Heart Cure

Imagine bouncing out of bed each morning – full of energy – knowing that you wiped out any chance of dying of heart disease. Even if heart disease runs in your family

You’ll be surprised to find out that beating heart disease dramatically lowers your risk of the other deadly diseases that kill millions of Americans every year.

Just like Ed, you too can enjoy the success of my patients who:

  • Put a Stop to Diabetes

  • Eliminate the Threat of Cancer

  • Turn the Tables on Obesity

  • Boost Muscle and Energy

  • Lose the Fear of Chronic Disease

It’s easier than you think. No pain or frustration required! In fact, you’ll feel yourself returning to a more natural way of life. A lifestyle that’s relaxed, enjoyable and best of all – disease free.

Blow Your Previous Lab Results
Out of the Water – Across the Board!

With The Doctor’s Heart Cure, you’ll dramatically reverse your risk and amaze your doctor with your results on your blood tests.

  • Raise Your HDL: (Good Cholesterol)

  • Lower Your LDL: (Bad Cholesterol)

  • Lower Your Triglycerides: (Blood Fat)

  • Lower Your Insulin: (A Big Risk Factor for Type 2 Diabetes)

  • Lower Your Homocysteine: (A Big Risk Factor for Heart Attack)

  • Improve Your CRP Level: (Prime Indicator of Inflammation and Heart Disease)

  • Normalize Your Blood Pressure: (Learn to Keep it at a Safe Level with No Drugs)

Are you starting to get a feel for how easy and natural this is? Good health doesn’t require a lot of sacrifice.

Check out some of the amazing success stories from my patients using The Doctor’s Heart Cure:

  • 75-year-old Ruth B. lowered her cholesterol from 384 to 246 in just a few months. Best of all, her HDL (good cholesterol) is so high; she’s at extremely low risk for heart disease.

Ruth says: “At my age, I used to have trouble making it through the day without a lot of rest. Now, I’m more energetic and feel years younger. I’m back in the garden and spend more time with my friends.”

  • Carlos B., age 52, was on high blood pressure medication when he came to see me. On his first visit, his blood pressure was 140/90.One month later, after following my program, his blood pressure was 120/94. Thirty days later, he was a very healthy 110/80. Today, Carlos is off his meds and easily maintains a healthy blood pressure.

Carlos told me: “In the past, I had trouble getting up in the morning – I woke very slowly. But now, getting up is easy. I have energy throughout the day and don’t feel tired.”

  • 68-year-old Frank M. had a heart attack three years ago. After coming to me for rehabilitation, Frank made a full recovery. In fact, a recent ultrasound of his heart shows no trace that he ever had a heart attack. His heart is actually stronger than it was before the heart attack.

Frank says: “Heart disease runs in my family. I used to worry about my health and my future – especially when other doctors just kept giving me prescriptions. Today, I’m drug free and never felt better. I would definitely recommend Dr. Sears’ techniques.”

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Don’t Let Heart Disease Sneak Up on You –
Eliminate Your Risk
, Today and for the Rest of Your Life…

When my patients come to see me, most of them still believe they need drugs to maintain a healthy heart. A lot of them think they need to stop eating meat or force themselves to eat soy.

But when I tell them that a healthy, “hundred-year heart” doesn’t require any pain, sacrifice or expensive drugs, their jaws hit the floor. “I had no idea! Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?” I hear this all the time…

Here are a few of the bombshells that have shocked my patients for years. Get the full story in The Doctor’s Heart Cure:

  • Bombshell #1: Statin Drugs Weaken Your Heart: Cholesterol-lowering drugs rob your heart of the very nutrient that could save it. CoQ10 supplies your heart with the energy it needs. Without it, your heart literally starves. And guess what? Statin drugs destroy your supply of this life-giving enzyme. (See The Doctor’s Heart Cure, chapter 8; Energize Your Heart: The Miracle of CoQ10.)

  • Bombshell #2: Low Cholesterol Kills Your Sex Drive: Your doctor – and all those TV commercials – tell you to get your cholesterol lower. But cholesterol is essential for life and health. When your cholesterol is too low, your body can’t make sex hormones. Aside from causing other health problems, it has disastrous effects in the bedroom. (See The Doctor’s Heart Cure, page 36.)

  • Bombshell #3: Cholesterol Doesn’t Cause Heart Disease: Here’s the granddaddy of them all. My evidence is rock solid. Don’t be fooled by your LDL (bad cholesterol). Your HDL (good cholesterol) holds the key. If you get your HDL high, you’re at very low risk for heart disease even if your total cholesterol is 300! (See The Doctor’s Heart Cure, chapter 3; Cholesterol: The Great Red Herring.)

You’ll see just how easy it is with your Doctor’s Heart Cure.

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Youth Secrets is jam-packed with easy-to-understand advice that takes the pain out of aging. You’ll get instant access to the anti-aging secrets that others pay thousands for…

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It doesn’t get any more risk free than that.

WAIT!  I Have One More Gift for You…

You may think that heart disease is just a man’s problem. But did you know that every year, more women die from heart disease than men?

Heart disease kills 500,000 American women each year. That makes it the biggest killer of women in American history. What’s more, heart disease is deadlier in women. 40% of women die within a year of their first heart attack versus only 24% for men.

Even most doctors underestimate this risk women face.

That’s why I added this special report to The Doctor’s Heart Cure Package.

If you act right now, you’ll get all the secrets in The Doctor’s Heart Cure… a FREE copy of Youth Secrets

AND… As an extra bonus, I’ll throw in my Special Report, The Heart Cure for Women.

This special supplement is otherwise unavailable – you’re going to be the first. You’ll be amazed to find these special tips for women only – and shocked when you realize that most women have no idea how to reverse the huge danger they face.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find:

  • The 3 Unique Risk Factors Women Have, But Don’t Know About.

  • The Big Blunder in Treatments for Women with Heart Disease – and Why You Should Avoid Them!

  • Why Traditional “Cardio” Accelerates Aging in Women.

  • Why Women are More Likely to be Deficient in Important Fats and Nutrients Because of Flawed Diet Advice.

  • Why Emergency Rooms Fail to Diagnose a Heart Attack in Women. (Women Experience Completely Different Heart Attack Symptoms.)

Never Again will Heart Disease Threaten You or Your Family –
Everything You Need is Right Here!

If you’re ready to enjoy the power of peak health and disease-free living… Become the person that you were destined to be… Act now and you CAN make a difference in your own health.

For the price of dinner and a movie, you’ll discover all the secrets of a disease-free life.

Just a single payment of $24 gives you everything you need to sidestep dangerous drugs and keep your heart beating for a hundred years and beyond.

Don’t wait for your doctor to hand you another prescription for drugs. Don’t jeopardize your health by following bad advice. Your Doctor’s Heart Cure is waiting. It’s easy to understand and easy to follow. Best of all, you’ll see results in as little as two weeks!

Nature designed your heart to last a lifetime. There’s no need to suffer or cut your life short.

So take action today! Reply to this letter by following the link below. Your Doctor’s Heart Cure Package will be mailed right to your door.

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To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, M.D.


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