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Fresh Start
Weight Loss For Life 
Especially For Women Over 50
It works for men too!

This ground breaking program will pave the way to permanently losing
body fat while energizing your body and improving your health.

Do Any Of These "Conditions"
Apply To You?

·   You were born before 1956.

·    You've been on 2 or more "starvation" diets.

·   You've gained the weight back
(with interest.)

·   You don't have a "perfect body"

·   You enjoy good food.

·   You're not the "exercising type."

·   Mild exertion leaves you out of breath.

·   Your cholesterol is high.

·   Your blood pressure is high.

·   You have diabetes or prediabetes.

·   Your energy level is low.

·  You want to stop "yo-yo dieting" once and for all!

                        How many "Yes" answers did you have?

0 - 3   You're doing great...but can still learn from this    program.    

4 - 6   The Fresh Start program is just what you  need.         

7 - 12  Let's get started today!

If you answered "Yes" to 3 or more of the above items the Weight Loss for Life program is "just what the doctor ordered."

Almost everyone would like to lose a few pounds but there is so much media hype and misinformation out there that it was time to come up with a common sense guide to what is really important.    

        How The Fresh Start Weight Loss For Life
                         Program Is Different.

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It is based on 12 years experience in working with the 50 plus age group.
The principles are based on sound science and have been tested and proven.
You won't be hungry or feel deprived.
You can eat the foods you love.
You will be more energetic and sleep better.
You won't feel fatigued, dragged out or irritable.
Calorie counting is a thing of the past
The book is easy to understand and seasoned with humor.
Your risks of heart attack, stroke and cancer will be reduced.
You will keep the pounds off!
The program is backed up by a Life Time Money Back Guarantee.
Unlimited Free Upgrades to the program



                 About the Author


Gene tells how it all began.

"In 1992 I retired from my day job as president of a locally owned bank and my wife Bernie and I opened the Vital Life Center, a health and wellness club for people over age 50.


"Our exercise, weight management and heart health  program for the 'over 50 crowd' was judged #1 in California for four consecutive years.'" 


In 1998 their programming was chosen 2nd in the United States in competition with more than 2,500 Health and Sports Clubs.


"During the past 12 years we've worked with hundreds of people who have seen dramatic improvements in their body fat, energy level, blood pressure and cholesterol by implementing some simple, but vital changes in their life."


Certifications and Experience

·        Millen been certified as a Physical Fitness Specialist by the renowned Cooper Institute/ Research Center in Dallas, Texas, the leading Preventive Medicine Clinic in America.

·      Additional certifications include Medical Exercise and Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist and  studies in Clinical Nutrition.

·      He has published more than 200 articles on health and wellness topics and has received Expert Author from EzineArticles.Com http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gene_D._Millen

·      Gene has counseled numerous clients on weight loss and conducted seminars on how to achieve weight loss for life.

In November 2004 Gene and Bernie retired from the Vital Life Center and are now helping people all over the world live an energetic, healthy and vital life.

Table of Contents



1.      How To Get The Most Out of The Fresh Start Program

2.      The Real Reasons Why We Get Fat

3.      Why Don't Most Diets Work.

4.      Make A Fresh Start

5.      The Plan - How to Win At the Losing Game

6.      Is Low Fat or Low Carb The Best For Weight Loss?

7.      A Weight Loss Trick That Has Worked For 20,000+ Dieters.

8.      Good Carbs – Bad Carbs. Do you know the difference?

9.      The Atkins Diet...Weight Loss Heaven Or Heart Attack City?

10. Super Foods To Kick Start Your Metabolism

11. These Fats Help Weight Loss And Boost Energy

12. Fabulous Fiber Says Goodbye To Fat

13. In-er-tia...A Body At Rest Tends To Stay At Rest

14. Eat Less and Exercise More...Why Is It So Difficult?

15. Think You're Too Busy To Exercise? How About 10 Minutes?

16. Too Tired To Exercise?

17. The Best Exercise For Losing Weight.

18. Are Your Scales Lying To You?

19. More Ways To Stoke Your Fat Burning Furnace.

20. Speed Weight Loss With These Exercise Principles

21. Ladies...Muscle Can Make You Thinner.

22. Weight Loss News That's Easy to Stomach.

23. How to Feel Full on Fewer Calories.

24. Breathe Your Way To Weight Loss Success

25. Stoves, Pigs and Other Pot Bellies.

26. Lose Weight By Eating Ice Cream.

27. Chocoholics Get Their Just Desserts.

28. Do Weight Loss Pills Leave You Tired and Wired?

29. When You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau.

30. Proven Natural Weight Loss Supplements

31. Summary of Success Principles.

32. Get Ready For The Race

33.  Resources

You will enjoy and learn from this information.
I guarantee it. 

This is a pre-publication edition of Fresh Start Weight Loss for Life. It will soon be available on this web site at the price of $19.50, which is a bargain when compared to the $25-$35 prices being asked for most weight loss books being offered.

But for a limited time this treasure trove of information won't cost you a dime? Yes, if you act quickly you can download this 80 page e-book for free!

What's the catch?  I want it to be the most helpful weight loss resource that is available anywhere...and to make this happen I need your feedback and ideas for improvement.

After you have had a chance to enjoy Fresh Start Weight Loss For Life for a few days I will send you a short "review" form which will include the following questions.

  • What did you like most about the book?

  • What did you like least?

  • How helpful was the information?

  • What important information or features would you like to see included?

  • Did the information and presentation meet your expectations?

  • How likely would you be to recommend this book to others?

        That's all there is to it. Just enter your name and email address in the form below and you will receive an email which contains a link to download your Free ebook.


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