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  You won't find a better guarantee!

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I'm Gene Millen. The supplements in our Heart Health Store are guaranteed to be the best value that you can find anywhere.

Nothing is too good for my heart and brain! Since my "near heart attack" and heart bypass operation in 1990, I’ve spent hundreds of hours combing through clinical research studies on brain and heart health to learn which nutrients you need for a quick and sharp brain. Gene's Story.

I'm always on the lookout for the latest information and best nutritional supplements you (and I) need to keep our hearts as strong and vital as our Creator designed them to be.

  • If you don't get the results you expect from any of our products (which is rare) I'll give you a no hassle life time refund.

  • In the "fine print" you will discover that I am 80 years old, so the life time guarantee may expire in the next 20 years or so.

We have a powerful incentive to keep you satisfied…our reputation depends on it!

We are Independent Business Owners and would consider it a huge favor if you would support our business! Doesn’t it make sense to do business with someone you know and trust…and who truly appreciates your business?

You have the Millen’s Personal Guarantee of Satisfaction!

Our address for returns is:

Millen's Heart Health
1609 Duke Drive
Livingston, Ca.
Phone 209-4785-9572 or
Cell: 209-631-6670

  • You are guaranteed that what you see on the label is inside the bottle. A recent Consumer Lab test of seven nutritional supplements revealed that four of the seven products tested contained only 23% to 78% of the ingredients listed on the label. “Let the buyer be aware.”

  • We guarantee all our products to be brand new and fully as described.

  • We also guarantee that your shopping experience will be a secure and enjoyable one. See our Privacy and Credit Card Policy. If your shopping experience is substandard in any way, please contact us.

Gene and Bernie





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