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Policosanol Research
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Most physicians are unfamiliar with policosanol or its benefits and we have found that when they review the evidence contained in more than fifty studies they feel more comfortable with the idea of using a natural product rather than a statin drug.

Following is a quote that summarizes some of the policosanol benefits, from Jeffrey Walch and Bruce Rabin, University of Pittsburgh which appeared in the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology:

"Just like statin drugs, policosanol appears to work by making your liver produce less cholesterol, and by making it absorb more of the harmful type of cholesterol.

But it does so much more. It also makes your blood less thick, protecting you from a deadly heart attack or stroke. Plus, it reduces inflammation in your body, which we now know leads to heart disease.

Best of all, while statins have a list of potential side effects as long as your arm, over 30 studies on policosanol have yet to show a single adverse side effect.

Some people found that policosanol helps them lose weightówelcome news if you're at risk for heart disease!

And it has also been shown to improve libido in lab animalsóa stark contrast with statin drugs, which can wreak havoc on your love life."
Jeffrey Walch and Bruce Rabin

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