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Quick Weight Loss Tips
That Really Work

The New Year is a time for new beginnings...and it seems that this is especially true when it comes to quick weight loss tips.


According to those who keep track of such things, two of the most often made New Yearís resolutions are to exercise more and eat less.    


If these items were reversed Iím sure most of us would be more successful at keeping them.


Why donít we achieve our health and physical fitness goals? I believe it's because we have been brainwashed into believing that it will be difficult, time consuming and won't last!

Not so! If you follow the quick weight loss tips that follow, you are guaranteed to be successful. But you will have to forget just about everything you've been told about exercise, diet and the best weight loss pills.

I'm Gene Millen. My wife Bernie and I have helped hundreds of people improve their heart health, supercharge their energy and lose excess body fat at our Vital Life Center, a health and wellness club for the "over 50 crowd.

Best Exercise Program for Weight Loss
I thought I knew all the right exercise weight loss principles, but after trying Dr. Sears'
PACEģ Exercise/Weight Loss Program, it was soon apparent that there was more to learn. This program is extremely effective and takes far less time than the "conventional" programs which want you to spend hours in the gym to achieve your goals.

Dr. Sears has a very successful medical practice and research center in Florida and a remarkable track record. He produces results for tens of thousands of people around the world.

Here are the key differences in Dr. Sears new patented exercise weight loss program.

Long-duration exercise isn't natural. Our ancient ancestors never ran for mile after mile without rest or recovery. Their exercise was primarily hunting, or running from the hunter. This consisted of short bursts of exertion, followed by periods of rest.

By using short bursts of aerobic exercise, followed by periods of recovery, you recreate exactly what your body needs for optimum health.

The unique feature of PACEģ -- progressively changing your routine over time -- ensures maximum fat loss...and it takes as little as 10 minutes per day!
Click here to learn more.

Best Weight Loss Pills
And now Dr. Sears has developed a new fat-burning breakthrough that guarantees fast weight loss results. This highly regarded medical doctor and researcher says, "It may be the most successful weight loss formula ever tested."

Here's an excerpt from Dr. Sears Health Confidential  newsletter .

"Staying lean and trim as you age is not easy, You can eat right and exercise and still end up with a 'spare tire' around your belly. It doesn't seem fair...but now you can do something about it.

"The West African herb - called irvingia gabonensis - can help you get that extra weight off. It's one of the all-star nutrients in my new slimming formula Primal Lean.

"In a study which was recently published in the medical journal Lipids, the participants lost an average of 28 pounds and 6 inches off their belly! And they didn't change their diet or exercise habits.

"This potent herb isn't simply an incredible weight-loss supplement and itís more than just a tonic you take for increased energy. It has very specific talents. It ramps up your bodyís ability to burn fat and has a calming, normalizing effect on your cholesterol and blood sugar.

"This powerful ďadaptogenĒ helps reset systems in your body. An adaptogen is a natural substance that helps your body adapt to stress. Ginseng is a good example. 

"That makes it a monumental find. 

"But thatís not allÖ this incredible adaptogen has been proven. In just 10 weeks:  

* Total Cholesterol dropped 26%
* LDL cholesterol dropped 27%
* CRP (c-reactive protein) a marker of inflammation dropped 52%
* Blood sugar dropped 22%
"Those are impressive numbers. Iíve never seen anything do that. Not a supplementÖ not a drugÖ nothing.
"Soon Iíll share some of the fat-busting test results published in a major medical journalÖ and show you how Primal Lean with irvingia burns fat like a blowtorch. Al Sears, MD

Click here to learn more about Primal Lean, the best weight loss pills.         

This is the year you can reach your health and physical fitness goals!



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