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Senior Health Articles
from Gene Millen's columns
"It's never too late to start feelin' great!"

It is my hope that you will find the senior health information in the following articles informative and interesting. I'll be surprised if you don't discover some new insights about aging, exercise, senior fitness and a variety of other topics. Just click on a title and enjoy!  

  1. How fast are you aging? You know aging is catching up with you when an "all nighter" means not having to get up and pea. Aging has its challenges but it beats the alternative of showing up on the obituary page.

  2. Are these myths of aging keeping you from senior fitness? One of the myths of aging is that as we move toward middle age it's inevitable that we begin the slippery slide toward decrepitude. Not so.

  3. This muscle can keep you out of the nursing home.  The thought of spending my retirement in a nursing home makes me cringe. Sure I hit age 73 recently, but it's a young 73, and I'm not ready for assisted living yet.

  4. These anti aging supplements are worth taking a look at...and may improve your senior health. Could alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L carnitine really reverse aging? Just maybe. New research by two U.C. California experts.

  5. Do you feel like you are getting old before your time? Since some of my friends have been so rude as to suggest that I’m “older than dirt”, I was intrigued recently by an antiaging workshop.

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