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Ubiquinol...The Most Powerful Coenzyme Q10!

Accel Ubiquinol will have your energy soaring.

If your get up and go got up and went and you feel like you’re dragging yourself around all the time, this energy formula known as Accel can put more energy into your life.

This formula allows each cell in your body to make its own energy and can give your body a boost by 50 to 75 trillion – the number of cells in your body. 

Accel Ubiquinol helps your heart pump more blood and delivers extra oxygen to your heart and brain and your muscles have energy to burn. This orchestrated flow of energy gives you the feeling of youth and vitality.

You get the feeling, “I can do this!”

It’s safe, reliable, and there’s proof the energy is real…

The researcher who developed one of the ingredients in Dr. Al Sears' formula, Dr. Mae from Japan found that mice taking Accel lasted 150 seconds longer on the treadmill. This translates into a huge boost of performance power. The mice on Accel had more energy and were able to keep going for much longer.1

Mice don’t lie. They don’t know they’re being tested, so there’s no placebo effect.

Accel clearly helped them fight fatigue.

Now remember, this is an animal study. But does it do the same thing for people?

Well… just take a look at this study:

When professional cross-country skiers took a weaker form, every aspect of their physical performance improved dramatically. The results, published in the journal Molecular Aspects of Medicine, showed a remarkable 94% of the skiers who took it felt their endurance, performance time, and recovery time were all much improved.2

And here’s the thing…

These skiers were taking a much weaker form of the energizing ingredient in Accel. They were taking a form of CoQ10 called ubiquinone. Accel has a higher form called ubiquinol. It’s proven to be more absorbable and stay in your blood longer.

That’s why it gives you such an energy boost.

This is something you can actually feel.

When a group of people taking Accel were asked to describe how they feel, their “vitality score” jumped off the charts.3

Your vitality score is a way researchers can track how good you feel.

Take a look at this chart:


As you can see, taking Accel ubiquinol more than doubled their “feel good factor.”

Here’s what happened: Men and women living in a nursing home took the energy ingredient in Accel for 9 months. They were all between the ages of 69 and 87.

After taking Accel for 9 months – the results were amazing:

Their vitality scores went up by over 100%.

When you read the studies and hear the stories from Dr. Sears' patients, you can easily get a sense of how powerful this fatigue fighter really is… and it couldn’t be easier to get.

All you have to do is take Accel Ubiquinol.

Here’s what Patty from Vermont told Dr. Sears:

“Once I started Accel, I felt incredibly better; my mind was sharp throughout the day, and my energy was boundless. Thank you, Dr. Sears!”

Klaus from California feels the energy from Accel. Here’s what he said:

“Accel gives me the energy of a person much younger than me. I run two miles several times a week and feel just great all around. I am 71 years old and in excellent health!”

This is something I want you to know about.

You have options. You don’t have to drag yourself around and feel tired all the time. You can put that pep in your step without getting burned out on coffee or sugar rushes.

Accel is the one thing my wife and I take everyday without fail.

I want you to have this for yourself.

Join me now and feel more energy too…

Click HERE and get Accel Ubiquinol, the most powerful, most effective form of CoQ10 on the planet – NOW!"


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