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Vytorin Side Effects.
Are They Really Rare?

If you believe the very clever TV commercial that describes Vytorin side effects as "rare and minimal," you need to consider what some who have taken this drug are saying.

Here is an excerpt from an email received this week from Linda:

"I took Vytorin 10/20 for 4 nights along with 100mg of COQ 10. I have been off the medication for 1 week now and I am still suffering from muscle pain, burning and numbness.

I have been dizzy and having visual problems. I also have trouble with anxiety and clear thought process. I am praying so very hard that these side effects will clear up. Some have gotten better but today the muscle weakness was terrible. Is it possible for the side effects to come and go?"

Another sufferer of Vytorin Side Effects reported this:

"I had been on Vytorin less than a week when I began having muscle pains. Sometimes it felt like someone were sticking a needle or a knife in my legs. The pain started with my calves and then I noticed I started getting the pain in my thighs. Sometimes the pain was so great I would clutch my leg.

My doctor had me reduce my pill taking from one per day to one every other day, but that did not stop the side effects.

I told my doctor I was switching to Policosanol and CQ10 enzyme. (I took some Policosanol for several days after stopping the Vytorin but it wasn’t until I took the Policosanol and CQ10 enzyme that the pain in my legs started going away.)"

·        Additional Vytorin side effects include depression and changes in mood. Some also experience loss of interest in activities and and become less involved in social affairs.

·        A new study reported by Reuters showed that Vytorin failed to meet the main goal of improving outcomes in a closely-watched heart study.

·        No significant difference in the study's composite heart goals was seen between the patients who received Vytorin and those who received a placebo, according to data presented in London by its primary researcher, Dr. Terje Pedersen of Ulleval University Hospital in Oslo, Norway.

·        Contrary to what your well-meaning physician may tell you, there is a better way to lower LDL cholesterol and improve HDL cholesterol...while also lowering other risks of heart attack and stroke.

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