This is the Best Cardio Exercise Program.

The Best Cardio Exercise
Is The One You Actually Do!

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  • Covert Bailey, author of many fitness books on exercise and weight loss had a favorite saying, "The best cardio exercise is the one you actually do."

    I'm Gene Millen. It's now been 23 years since a heart surgeon, sawed open my chest and stitched in bypasses to six of my favorite heart arteries. This "brush with death" started me on a journey to helping others avoid my mistakes...and there were many of them.

    My experience in searching out the best cardio exercise programs includes working with hundreds of people in the Vital Life Center, a health and wellness club for the "over 50 crowd.

    It also includes certifications as a Physical Fitness by the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas and as a Medical Exercise Specialist.

    I thought I knew all the best cardio exercise programs, but you never get too old to learn.
    Contrary to what many people think, less exercise is often better.
    The most effective exercise routines take far less time than the "conventional" programs which coax you into spending hours in the gym to achieve your goals.

    Dr. Al Sears, discovered that long-duration exercise isn't natural. One of Dr. Sears' insights into how the human heart functions is the fact that the best cardio exercise is not"endurance training."

    Heart attacks don't happen because your heart lacks endurance. They happen during times of stress, when your heart needs more energy and pumping capacity, but doesn't have it.

    Our ancient ancestors didn't run for mile after mile without rest or recovery. Their exercise was primarily hunting, or on some occasions being hunted. Their daily exercise "routine" consisted of short bursts of exertion, followed by periods of very welcome rest.

    I recall that I first practiced this principle while I was playing high school sports...and that was a very long time ago. The coach conditioned us having us run laps. We started slowly by jogging a hundred yards or so to warm up, sprinting all out for a short distance and then slowing to a walk to catch our breath. This process was then repeated.

    After a couple of weeks our heart and lungs responded by creating additional capacity. By boosting your heart's reserve capacity you can nearly eliminate your risk of heart attack.

    The best cardio exercise and weight loss routines are never more than 10 to 20 minutes.
    Once you pass the 15 to 20 minute mark, you start burning fat during exercise.

    As a result, your body will make and store more fat to prepare for your next run or aerobic workout -- a never-ending cycle making it impossible to get rid of that stubborn fat that never seems to go away.

    That means your body burns carbs during exercise, not fat. After you finish the routine, your body starts burning fat to replace the carbs it just burned.

    In fact, your body will burn fat for up to 24 hours after your aerobic exercise routine. It even burns fat while you are sleeping! After a few weeks, your body gets the message that it doesn't need to store excess body fat at all.

    The best cardio exercise program in the world won't work if you fail to do it, and the sad statistics show that:

    95% of Dieters Are Never Going To Lose Weight And Keep It Off If They Only Focus On Food And Exercise Alone.

    Their old patterns, unresolved emotional blocks, addictive habits and limiting beliefs will, sooner or later, cause them to rebound and spiral out of control… again and again.

    Has this ever happened to you: One day you're following a diet, losing weight and feeling hopeful but the next thing you know you're overweight and unhappy again?

    If you're like most people, this hasn't happened to you just once… it's happened many times over the years. In fact, I'm sure you know people who have been trapped on the weight loss rollercoaster for decades and the darn thing just won't stop.

    I recall asking one of my clients if she had ever been on a diet. Her response was, "All of them. I must have lost a thousand pounds.

    Bill Phillips had developed a proven, practical program that also works on the "craving brain" which he calls the Transformation Solution Program. The first step begins with a proven, practical and fun activity program that requires less than 2% of the time a person has available to them each week.

    Believe me, you don't need to spend hours in the gym to get extraordinary results. In fact, you don't even need to step foot in a gym if you don't want.

    A recent study was conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health and reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

    The researchers found that men and women who regularly followed just ONE of Bill Phillips Transformation tips lost 225% more weight than those who tried to go it alone. That's more than DOUBLE the amount of fat burned!

    If you are like I was for the first 59 years of my life and have let procrastination push exercise and weight loss to the bottom of your priority list you may want to take a look at Bill Phillips Transformation Program.

    Bill is the author of the New York Times #1 best seller, Body-for-Life, who has helped more than a MILLION people become lighter and healthier.

    His new Bio-Balance Diet Solution is scientifically designed to DOUBLE fat loss and quickly transform your body and heart health without starvation diets or extreme exercise. And the best part really works!

    Click Here to learn the secrets of the best cardio exercise and weight loss program!
    Your heart will say thank you!

    We wish you Vital Heart Health for a long, long time!

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    Gene Millen, Heart Health Coach Certifications/Accomplishments

    • Completed Cardiac Rehabilitation Program of 200 sessions supervised by nurses and cardiologist.
    • Gene has been certified as a Physical Fitness Specialist by the prestigious Cooper Clinic and Wellness Center in Dallas Texas
    • Certification as a Medical Exercise Specialist included designing personalized exercise/wellness programs for those recovering from heart attack as well as those with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart pacemakers and more.
    • EzineArticles.Com - Achieved Platinum Author designation. Health and wellness articles have received more than 43,000 visits.
    • Publishers - Mid Valley Publications, a group of six newspapers in Merced and Stanislaus counties in California with weekly circulation of 35,000. Gene's column Live Well...Age Later column is also included in the Aging to Perfection publication.
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