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Why Diet Programs Don't Work...But This Does!


Advertisers spend millions of dollars to convince us that their diet programs will soon have us looking like their shapely models.


A diet program may help you lose a few pounds, but 20 to 25% of the weight lost will be muscle. The starvation diet sends a message to your body that there is a famine in the land, and it responds by hanging on to every ounce of fat to keep you alive.


To make things worse the muscle loss causes weakness and loss of energy.


Sooner or later you give up the diet programs and return to your old way of eating...the one that got us in trouble in the first place.


The lost pounds come home to roost and bring a few friends with them.


The answer is (surprise!) exercise.  But not boring hours on the treadmill.


You need to rev-up your metabolism with strength training and smart cardiovascular exercise.


Between age 30 and 60 the average American gains about 45 pounds of body fat and loses 15 pounds of muscle.


The scales only show a weight gain of 30 pounds, but fail to tell you that the loss of muscle has caused your body�s metabolism to drop like a rock.


The good news is that, with no change in your eating, and with only 12 weeks of strength training, you can restore 3 pounds of muscle and burn 4 pounds of fat.


And the story gets better. Strength training also increases bone density, improves glucose metabolism and increases gastrointestinal transit speed. (Think prunes.)


It will also lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol and reduce arthritis pain.


You can also gear-up your metabolism by incorporating three or four 20 to 30-second bursts of intensity into a 15 to 20-minute workout. You should be breathing �heavy� but not be exhausted.     


Rest for a minute or two, until your heart rate slows and your breath has returned to normal. It�s as though you are climbing up a hill and then coasting down the other side.


Three or four times a week repeat this �sprint and rest� system, known as interval training, and in just a few weeks you will notice the difference.


For more information on how to lose body fat and gain valuable muscle without diet programs click here.


God designed our bodies to adapt to the challenges that we provide them. If we snooze, we lose.


The New Year could be your best ever!   



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