Is exercise weight loss the cure for heart disease?

Exercise Weight Loss...
Is It The Cure for Heart Disease?

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  • By Gene Millen, Heart Health Coach - Revised 7/1/15

    I recall a conversation that occured at the Vital Life Fitness and Wellness Club, which my wife Bernie and I owned and operated for eleven years. An overweight member asked, "What kind of exercise is best for losing weight?

    When I asked her what diets she had tried, she replied,

    "All of them. I must have lost a thousand pounds!"

    If your success in exercise weight loss programs has been less than satisfactory and or you haven't been able to stick with an exercise program I invite you to stay with me as I relate a story about my Schaunazer, rocko.

    Exercise and weight loss from a dog's perspective.

    My schnauzer, Rocko, pictured on the left, isn't all that interested in learning about exercise, weight loss or the cure for heart disease, but he does live for his daily walks.

    All I have to do is grab his leash and he heads for the door jumping up and down and wagging his tail like an airplane propeller.

    He derives great canine pleasure from sniffing out every possible tuft of grass, bush or tree that might have been visited by other canines since he was here last; especially his female friends.

    Rocko can spend more time investigating a new
    smell than a forensic team at a crime scene.

    I've heard that dogs liken their morning or evening walks to reading the newspaper and he doesn't have to worry about all the depressing negative news.

    But when the temperature climbs toward 100 degrees, Rocko is more interested in snoozing close by the air conditioning vents. When I picked up his leash this week, the expression on his face clearly communicated, "Are you serious master? It's hot out there."

    For centuries this season of clammy, oppressive summer weather has been known as dog days. The term "dog days" was coined in ancient times when people got plenty of exercise by walking and had leisure time to be outside watching the stars.

    They would make out different images, which often resembled various kinds of dogs. (I'm not sure the schnauzer breed was popular at that time).

    There is an upside to the oppressive heat during dog days. It gives us a perfect excuse not to exercise or lose weight.
    It goes without saying that no one should start an exercise program during this sweltering weather. As a matter of fact it should be against the law.

    You never know when a cool spell could hit us though, so I recommend that you have a backup plan just in case someone mentions that you need to embark on an exercise weight loss program.

    One of the best excuses to avoid exercise is that it just isn't natural. If exercise is really as good for us as it's cracked up to be, how come we don't crave it like we do chocolate and ice cream?

    If God wanted us to exercise and lose weight, He would have designed us with an exercise gene. Eve offered Adam an apple. She didn't say, "Let's run around the garden."

    A word of caution on how you phrase your excuses. Don't fall into the trap of saying, "I don't have time." This opens the door to the rebuttal that everyone has the same amount of time and that maybe you should examine your priorities.

    It's much better to say, "I'm just too busy." After all, the Bible gives us the warning,

    "Take a lesson from the ants, you lazy fellow. Learn from their ways and be wise." What could be busier than an ant?

    Busyness ranked as one of my all-time favorite excuses...until the heart surgeon sawed open my chest and stitched in bypasses to six of my favorite arteries.

    Gene Millen, Heart Health CoachCan you spare 4% of your time to give exercise a try?

    If you are like I was for the first 59 years of my life and have let procrastination push exercise weight loss to the bottom of your priority list you may want to take a look at this program developed by Bill Phillips.

    This program is extremely effective and takes far less time than the "conventional" programs which want you to spend hours in the gym to achieve your goals.

    After 23 years in the fitness business I pretty much thought I had this all figured out. I discovered there was more to learn.

    Bill Phillips' heart exercise program really works!

    Bill Phillips Transformation Exercise Creator He says, "I'll show you the #1 roadblock keeping you from doubling your fat loss, boosting energy, and heart health." Click Here!

    I recommend that you give it a try and let me know what you think about it.

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    "These Numbers Have Blown My Doctor's Mind!"

    "Gene: I just wanted to take a minute and share with you the results of my latest blood work.

    "My total cholesterol was 114, my LDL was 48, my HDL was 51 (up from 35), and my triglycerides were 111.

    "These numbers have blown my doctor's mind. He has tried for years to get my HDL up above 40.

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