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Nitric Oxide Benefits

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  • Hopkins researchers discover how nitric oxide prevents blood vessel inflammation

    A few years ago when I had extensive dental work done my dentist administered nitrous oxide (known as laughing gas) to put me in a state of semi euphoria while I was in the chair for up to two hours at time.

    Johns Hopkins scientists investigating nitric oxide (NO) - the molecular messenger that contributes to body functions as wide-ranging as cell death, new blood vessel growth and erections - have figured out how it can block blood vessel inflammation and prevent clotting, a process that has long stumped biologists.

    Reporting in the Oct. 17 issue of the journal Cell, cardiologist Charles J. Lowenstein, M.D., and his team observed that NO has the power to inhibit endothelial cells lining blood vessels from releasing inflammatory substances.

    Normally, these cells activate a process called exocytosis (a release of substances) to start inflammation, releasing packets of molecules into the bloodstream that, like tiny hand grenades, explode and discharge compounds that trigger inflammation. NO can move in and target a protein within the endothelial cells, N-ethylmaleimide-Sensitive Factor (NSF), that stops the process from happening by blocking the ability of NSF to push out the molecules.

    "Nitric oxide may regulate exocytosis this way in a variety of diseases," says Lowenstein, an associate professor of medicine at Hopkins. "For example, nitric oxide blocks exocytosis from platelets, preventing blood clots; exocytosis from neurons, decreasing neurotoxicity in strokes; and exocystosis from lymphocytes, reducing autoimmune damage."


    Arginine is a "super hero" for the heart!

    Arginine is normally labeled as L-arginine, the naturally occurring form of the amino acid.

    The benefits of L arginine include:

    • restoration of blood pressure to the normal range.
    • open clogged arteries
    • reduce the chest pain of angina
    • reverse impotence
    • boost immunity
    • increase mental acuity
    • lessen the complications of diabetes.

    If you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, angina or other risks of heart disease you should give strong consideration to taking arginine.

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