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12/26/04) HDL Cholesterol and Superman. Both are "More powerful than a Speeding locomotive".
This describes the powers of the superhero in the “Heart Attack Drama”, HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol.

1/11/05) Laughter Is The Jest Medicine
The ancient scriptures give us some good advice about laughter. “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”

1/31/05) Is Your Body a Vintage Model or a Junker? The human body is a remarkable machine. It will work well for 100 years or more—if given the proper care and maintenance.
The ancient.

2/15/05) Don't waste your money on cheap vitamins. We all like a bargain but do you really know what is in your vitamins?

3/08/05 1. Heart attack odds you can live with.
2. Please don't pass the sugar.

4/09/05 Are your heart arteries sending you a message? Heart Health Tips


           A New Year’s Resolushen

I ain’t much for writin’; grammar weren’t my favrit study.

But if you don’t read this to the end you’re just a fuddy duddy.

It’s gittin’ close to New Years and I need to do some changin’.

Last year’s resolutions sure do need some rearangin’.

Never got around to exercise; it really was a bore.

Did it for a day or two and then I said “no more”.

My cholesterol’s out of sight and love handles are a growin’.

My “git up and go” done “gone and went” and the easy chairs a callin’.

Doc says that statins are the way; I tried ‘em for a while.

But my bones got to achin’ and before long I lost my smile.

My mem’ry was a going south; my sex drive was no more.

Until I found a better way than Zocor or Lipitor.

I heard ‘bout this new product that sends cholesterol a packin’.

They make it outta sugar cane, all natural and not lackin’.

Ain’t got no side effects to bear but’s got a name that’s hard to call.

Works slicker than a TV add; It’s policosanol.

In case you haven’t heard a this, ain’t aware of what you’ve missed.

You git it from Heart Health For Life and they’re waitn’ to assist.

You’ll soon be frisky as a pup and your doc will be surprised

that your energy and cholesterol are far better than he surmised.

If you’re sittin’ there a wonderin’ if this story could be true.

And if this corny poet really has good news for you.

Click here right now and you will find information more,

This can be the year that you’ve been waitn’ for!


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