Policosanol Extra Strength 20 mg
Policosanol has been proven in studies of more than 30,000 persons to be the most powerful and safest cholesterol lowering natural supplement in the world.

Vital Life Nutritionals policosanol is made from 100% pure sugar cane. The formula and ingredients are comparable to those used in clinical studies. Serving size is one small capsule per day.
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products/pol2.jpg 2 Bottle Special - Policosanol Extra Strength 20mg - $19.95 ea. You Save $10.00!
In head-to-head clinical studies policosanol worked better than statin drugs without the side effects. The formula and ingredients in these 20 mg capsules are comparable to those used in clinical studies. Your cost per month is only $9.97 or only about $.34 per day for the most effective and safest cholesterol lowering product on the market.
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CHOLEST-CHECK with CoQ10 and Policosanol
This excellent formula contains a powerful combination of cardio protective nutrients, including 20 mg policosanol derived from 100% pure sugar cane, 60 mg CoQ10, 200 mg flush free niacin and 50 mg grape seed extract.
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CHOLEST-CHECK - 2 Bottle Special $23.95 each - You Save $12.00 off of List Price.
This formula includes 20 mg of policosanol derived from sugar cane plus 60mg CoQ-10, 20mg flush free Niacin and 50mg Grape Seed Extract.
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