The Fresh Start Weight Loss For Life!

Fresh Start Weight Loss For Life.

Features The Latest Glycemic Index Research

Gene Millen, Author - Revised 5/9/15

This ground breaking program will pave the way to permanently losing body fat while energizing your body and improving your health.

Fresh Start Weight LossDo Any Of These Conditions Apply To You?

  • You were born before 1965
  • You've been on 2 or more "starvation" diets.
  • You've gain the weight back "with interest."
  • You don't have a perfect body.
  • You enjoy good food.
  • You're not the exercising type.
  • Mild exertion leaves you out of breath
  • Your cholesterol is high (before medications)
  • You have diabetes or pre diabetes.
  • Your energy level is low.
  • You want to stop "yo-yo dieting" once and for all.

                        How many "Yes" answers did you have?

0 - 3   You're doing great...but can still learn from this    program.    

4 - 6   The Fresh Start program is just what you  need.         

7 - 12  Let's get started today!

If you answered "Yes" to 3 or more of the above items the Weight Loss for Life program is "just what the doctor ordered."

Almost everyone would like to lose a few pounds but there is so much media hype and misinformation out there that it was time to come up with a common sense guide to what is really important.

How The Glycemic Index Weight Loss For Life Program Is Different.

It is based on 20 years experience in working with the 40 plus age group.
The principles are based on sound science and have been tested and proven.
You won't be hungry or feel deprived.
You can eat the foods you love.
You will be more energetic and sleep better.
You won't feel fatigued, dragged out or irritable.
Calorie counting is a thing of the past
The book is easy to understand and seasoned with humor.
Your risks of heart attack, stroke and cancer will be reduced.
You will keep the pounds off!




Following are just a few of the little known secrets that you will find in this book. You will enjoy and learn from this information. I guarantee it.


  • Why most diets don't work

  • How to change habits to stay on track

  • The dog ate my workout shoes

  • I've lost at least a thousand pounds.?

  • What if exercise isn't in your genes?

  • The best exercise for weight loss.

  • Weight/strength training for the "weaker sex.

  • These tips will supercharge your metabolism.

  • Did you know these vitamins will help you lose weight?

  • Which diet is best...low fat or low carb?

  • Good Carbs - Bad Carbs. Do you know the difference?

  • Some weight loss supplements that work without getting you wired and tired.

  • You don't have to live without ice cream or chocolate.

  • This amazing nutrient says "goodbye" to fat.

  • How to feel full on fewer calories


The regular price of Fresh Start Weight Loss for Life is $19.95...but for a limited time this treasure trove of information is absolutely free! No catch. No gimmics, No surprises. It is our gift to you!

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