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It's never too late to start feelin' great!
Some recent  articles by Gene Millen

published in the Merced Sun-Star

1) The Dog Days of Summer I have to admit that exercise sometimes slips out of the top ten on my To Do list. Where we live the heat climbs up into the 90's and 100's during June, July and August. There is an upside to this misery however. It gives us a perfect excuse to avoid exercising.

2) Are you using these exercise principles?
It was about 100 years ago that I was first introduced to this exercise principle. I was on the high school track team coached by Mr. Miller who had us do at least 20 minutes of “wind sprints” every day.

3) Will the Atkins Diet give you a heart attack? One of the big stories in the weight loss world is the recent acceptance of the Atkins Diet by an increasing number of recognized researchers in the medical field.

4) How fast are you aging?
You know aging is catching up with you when getting "a little action" means you don't need fiber today. Or an "all-nighter" means not having to get up to pee!

5) Don't waste your money on cheap vitamins.
Mom always said, “Be sure to take your vitamins.” In spite of the “vitamins will just give you expensive urine” critics, Mom was right again.

6) "If I were any better I'd be twins."
A friend shared the following story with me recently about a man named Michael. Michael is the kind of guy you love to hate.

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Gene MillenGene and his wife Bernie opened the Vital Life Center in 1993.
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