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Are You Using These
Exercise Principles?

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  • These exercise principles were first introduced to me about 100 years ago. I was on the high school track team coached by Mr. Miller who had us do at least 20 minutes of “wind sprints” every day.


    We would jog around the track for a while, suddenly break into a sprint for about 40 yards and then slow down to a walk as our lungs cried out “Please don’t do that again.”


    The fat loss of the group who worked out less was nine times greater than the subjects performing moderate exercise.

    Of the three key exercise variables…how often you do it, how hard you work and how long you last, intensity has the most powerful effect.


    Your body responds to short bursts of intensity by releasing a cascade of fat-mobilizing hormones and anti-aging growth hormones that supercharge your metabolism and burn extra calories for 24 hours or longer.


    Shape Magazine recently featured an excellent article about interval training, titled Eight Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training that was featured on the American College of Sports Medicine website.


    Fat loss is only one of the benefits. A new study by British researchers tracked 1,975 healthy men over ten years.


    The men who exercised the hardest had a 47% percent lower risk of death from all causes and a whopping 62% lower risk of death from heart disease, compared with those who reported very little or no intense exercise.


    The best part however is that these benefits were achieved with as little as nine minutes per day of vigorous activity.

    The principle of adaptation also applies to strengthening your muscles, which need to be worked hard to become stronger.


    The average person loses up to 20 pounds of muscle by age 70 and since each pound of muscle burns up to 50 calories per day it is easy to see why “love handles” and “spare tires” sneak up on us. 

    If you are on a low-carb eating program such as the Atkins Diet  or low glycemic diet your exercise has a distinct advantage over the low-fat dieters.


    Low carbers have a limited amount of glycogen (stored sugar) available and so the body utilizes the fat on the belly, hips and other unwanted places as the primary sources of energy during exercise.

    Think you’re too old or out of shape to get started on “wind sprints”? It’s never too late to start feelin’ great!


    If you're carrying around a few extra pounds and want some great ideas on losing weight with these exercise principles click here.








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