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Woodway and Pro II Images

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Close-up showing the tread wear. There are thousands of miles walking or running left in this tread.

Woodway Display showing the ten available programs, speed (which goes to 11 mph and
elevation (grade) which goes to 15%.

Side view with panel removed showing Woodway Gears.

Sci Fit
Pro II Power

The above photo is from the original brochure. Our Pro II looks nearly identical to this (without the lady)

(Above) Donna and Mary having fun on the Sci Fit Pro II Power Trainer at the Vital Life Center.

The Pro II is a premium, commercial quality fitness machine. It provides truly effective total body conditioning by recruiting large muscle groups to share work load with smaller muscle groups.
This is one of my favorite pieces of equipment.

Pro II users exercise from a stable, ergonomically correct seat system for minimal impact to joints.

Easy-to-read, high-density LED display with dot matrix scrolling
message center includes Polar-compatible heart rate control program
and computer controlled isokinetics (available only from SCIFIT). Web site for SciFit is www.scifit.com

User-friendly one button entry is simple to use!

  • Comfortable, ergonomically angled hand grips
  • Workload adjustable
  • Comfortable seat offers lumbar support; adjustable for proper body alignment
  • Direct wheelchair access; seat assembly rolls off
  • Bi-directional resistance, available only from SCIFIT, allows user to exercise reciprocal muscle groups. 
  • Ideal for overall balance of exercise.
  • Variable length hand cranks can be configured to simulate rowing motion.
    You can change the length to conform to your body.


  • Manual - One Button Quick Start
  • Heart Rate - Set target heart rate and the machine adjusts the workload to maintain target heart rate
    (Polar compatible transmitter)
  • Workout Control - Set watts, and the machine maintains constant workload independent of speed
  • Iso-Strength - Allows user to maximize workload at a fixed RPM. Yes, you can increase your strength
    as well as get an excellent cardio workout!
  • Hill Profiles - Twin Peaks, Sprints, Incline, Course, Progressive and my personal favorite Interval Sets.
    Interval training is more effective for weight loss and cardio conditioning.
    Ten minutes using the
    Interval Training (hills and valleys) mode will have you huffing and puffing. It is a myth that you
    need to workout for a long period of  time to get results. Click here for Exercise Principles article.


  • Size: SX1000  - 63" High, 60" Long, 28" Wide
    Footplates: 15" x 7" rubber cushion with front and side safety edges 
  • Weight: SX1000: 225lbs
  • Power: Self-generating with battery backup
  • Color: Black frame with midnight gray covers


The Retail price of this exceptional commercial fitness machine when purchased new by us in 1999 was $3,495 plus tax and shipping. It is being offered at the incredibly low starting price of only $349.00, 10% of its original value.

Why would we sell this high equipment at such a low price?

My name is Gene Millen and for the last 11 years my wife Bernie and I owned and operated the Vital Life Center in Merced, Ca, a health and wellness center  for the "over 50 crowd."

We recently retired and equipment dealers made some "low ball" offers for our equipment but it seemed to me that there would be someone who would appreciate the value of high quality commercial equipment and be willing to pay a fair price.

I would rather give you a good deal and cut out the middle man.

This equipment has been lovingly used by our older clientele for the last 5 years and has many years of additional trouble free life.


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