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When The Vital Life CENTER opened for business in 1993, the benefits of exercise, especially for older adults, were just beginning to be publicized. The Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health confirmed what many of us have known for a long time—exercise is good for us—and maybe even better than we thought.

The scientific data shows that not exercising is hazardous to our heath. In fact a sedentary life style is equal to smoking a pack of cigarettes per day.

A new landmark study shows that one’s level of fitness has more to do with longevity than a host of other factors, including smoking, high blood pressure or a history of heart disease.

Previous studies also show that thinner men who were out of shape were nearly three times more likely to die young than fat men who were fit.

Exercise is medicine. A wise person said that “Motion is the potion.” The attached chart shows how exercise can reduce our risk of a variety of illnesses. Additional benefits of exercise that are not shown on the chart are stress reduction, improvement in mental function, increased energy and better sleep.

Exercise is also a key factor in weight management. Increased cardiovascular fitness helps us burn more fat and strength training can supercharge our metabolism. Each pound of muscle we add to our body will burn about 1500 calories per month—nearly a half pound of stored fat.

Yes, exercise is good medicine. How often are you getting your potion?


PS. If you haven't got around to exercising yet you may want to take a look at the excellent Low Carb Exercise site. Just click here.



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