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Health and Physical Fitness...
Are You Reaching These Goals?

The New Year is a time for new beginnings...and it seems that this is especially true when it comes to health and physical fitness.


According to those who keep track of such things, two of the most often made New Yearís resolutions are to exercise more and eat less.    


If these items were reversed Iím sure most of us would be more successful at keeping them.


Why donít we achieve our health and physical fitness goals? We are smart enough. We usually know what to doóbut donít do what we know. We have good intentions but busyness,Ē procrastination and lack of discipline too often take control of our lives.


As Jim Rhone says in his wonderful book, Leading an Inspired Life, ďThe rewards of a disciplined life are great, but theyíre often delayed until sometime in the future.


ďThe rewards for a lack of discipline, on the other hand, are immediate but they are minor in comparison to the benefits of consistent self-discipline.Ē


An immediate reward for lack of discipline could be the pleasure of lounging in the easy chair enjoying TV.


A future reward for taking the time and effort to exercise will be a stronger, more energetic body and sharper brain.


Skipping an exercise session or two isnít going to ruin our health. But one missed day often leads to anotheróand then another. Soon a week goes by. And then a month, a year and a lifetime.


Success, on the other hand, is the same process in reverse.


Discipline is like a set of magic keys that can unlock the doors to better health, high self-esteem, accomplishment and satisfaction.


Even the smallest discipline can have an incredible effect on our attitude. And that feeling of self-worth that comes from starting a new disciplineóis almost as good as the feeling that comes from the actual accomplishment.


A new discipline immediately alters our life direction. We donít change destinations immediatelyóbut we can change direction immediately.


Discipline is the continuing process that brings all the good things. Anyone can start. Itís not, ďIf I could, I wouldĒ; rather, itís ďIf I would, I could. If I will, I can.Ē


So start the process today. Begin a new habit, no matter how small it is. Size isnít important; whether or not you start and whether or not you continue are all that matter.


This is the year you can reach your health and physical fitness goals!



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