Coenzyme q10 and statins.

Coenzyme Q10 and Statins
Go Together Like Bread and Butter

Author Gene Millen 5/7/15

I'm Gene Millen. My wife Bernie and I are shown in the photo at the top left of this page.

In 1990 a highly skilled heart surgeon, sawed open my chest and stitched in bypasses to six of my favorite heart arteries. It wasn't one of my best days, and caused me to reevaluate my priorities.

Two decades later I have lots of energy, and except for a few aching bones, my health is better than many folks who are years younger.

I am convinced that one of the reasons for my high energy level is the coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) that I have been taking for years.

Dr Stephen Sinatra, Heart Surgeon, specialist in CoQ10Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a board certified cardiologist at the New England Heart and Longevity Center says,

"Co Q10, is energy on call. I have long considered CoQ10 a wonder nutrient because of its ability to energize the body and support heart health."

In addition to energizing your heart, Coenzyme Q10 has also been shown to support the immune system, blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels.

Clinical studies at major universities and hospitals have documented the actions of CoQ10 and now new studies have researchers heaping more praise on this nutrient.

Coenzyme Q10 and Statins: How CoQ10 Affects Your Energy.

In the chapter The Statin Scam in THE GREAT CHOLESTEROL MYTH, written by Jonny Boden, PH.D., C.N.S., and renowned heart surgeon Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C. the authors advise us,

"Here is one noncontroversial and incontrovertible fact: Statin drugs significantly deplete your body's stores of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).
"If you don't know what CoQ10 is, this would be a great time to become familiar with it. Once you understand the importance of CoQ10 to human health, you'll immediately appreciate why the depletion of CoQ10 by statin drugs is such a big deal."

The depletion of Coenzyme is a critical negative side effect of statindrugs, and the one that causes a host of common side effects involving muscle pain, weakness, and loss of energy.

Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 While Reducing Statin Side Effects

  • energizes the heart and keeps it running more efficiently
  • enhances circulation to the cardiovascular system
  • acts as a potent free-radical scavenger
  • supports a strong immune system
  • promotes normal blood pressure levels
  • supports healthy cholesterol levels
  • recharges other antioxidants, such as Vitamins C and E.
  • reduces inflammation in the body

Women with breast cancer and non-cancerous breast lesions commonly have low blood levels of CoQ10, especially if they are taking statins.

Although there need to be more studies, Danish researcher Knud Lockwood, M.D. has had good results using high doses of CoQ10 to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer in women.

The researchers called the results "remarkable." They concluded that "co-supplementation with vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 significantly enhanced both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection."
This is important because inflammation and oxidation are two of the leading risk factors leading to heart disease and strokes. The latest research indicates that they are far more dangerous risks than high cholesterol.

A high level of CRP, a measure of inflammation in your blood, indicates an increased risk for what your cardiologist describes as "destabilized atherosclerotic plaque."

These are big words for a big problem. In laymen's language, when arterial plaque becomes destabilized, it can burst open and block the flow of blood through a coronary artery, resulting in a heart attack. And take it from me, a heart attack isn't as much fun as you might think.

If you need more zip in your day, or you feel like you're dragging yourself around all the time, CoQ10 may be "just what the doctor ordered."

Instead of flooding your body with caffeine or other stimulants, this formula allows each cell in your body to make its own energy.

All Coenzyme Q10 is not created equal

Since nutritional products are not regulated by FDA there can be surprisingly large differences in quality.

Most of the ordinary CoQ10 that you may be familiar with is imported from China and is not of the same quality or purity that you will find in the USA.

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