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Lower Cholesterol Naturally.

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  • There are safer, more effective ways to lower cholesterol naturally...without the side effects of statin drugs.

    If you are concerned that a heart attack is heading your way I have some good news for you. There are a surprising number natural remedies that lower cholesterol naturally.

    The conventional wisdom is that high cholesterol is the primary cause of clogging the vital arteries that deliver oxygen and nutrients to the heart.

    This view is highly promoted by the makers of cholesterol lowering drugs that spend more than 200 million dollars annually for TV and print advertising. In addition they spend several times this amount for drug company representatives visits to doctors and advertising in medical journals.

    How to lower cholesterol naturally
    It would be nice if we could just take a pill and our concern of having a heart attack would disappear. Maybe someday, but for now the reality is that there are a dozen or more characters who play leading roles in “The Heart Attack Melodrama.”

    The chief villains are trans fats, inflammation, oxidation and a couple of heart disease "terrorists"  who have recently shown up on the radar screen that signals a heart attack is heading your way.

    Our objective in this article is to identify each piece of the puzzle and give you some specific things you can do to not only lower cholesterol naturally but improve your overall health, energy, vitality and length of life. Let's get started.

    supplements that lower cholesterol naturally

    Since I first discovered policosanol about 3 years ago it has gained widespread attention because of it's effectiveness in lowering cholesterol naturally, safety and lack of side effects. Policosanol is extracted from sugar cane and has several mechanisms to improve cholesterol.

    • Shown to lower LDL cholesterol naturally
      (the bad cholesterol)

    • Increases HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol)

    • Lowers triglycerides

    • Reduces platelet aggregation (the clotting of the blood in the arteries of the heart and brain.)

    Green Tea
    Although the benefits of green tea have been known to the Chinese for several thousand years it has only become popular in the western world in recent years. Clinical studies now give green tea credit for:

    • Lowering high blood pressure. Drinking green tea represses angiotensin II which leads to high blood pressure.

    • Naturally lowering cholesterol

    • Lowers blood sugar which is important to diabetics.

    • Fights cancer and improves the immune system

    Natural Antioxidant Vitamins
    Mom said to take our vitamins and Mom was right. Antioxidant vitamins neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidation which is a key cause of arterial plaque.

    The problem is that there are too many highly advertised cheap vitamins that are synthetic, manufactured at high temperatures, have inadequate amounts of antioxidants and have sugar and other ingredients in their formulas that are toxic to our system.

    Omega 3 Supplements - Fish Oil
    In a well-designed study, German researchers found that omega 3 supplements slowed the buildup of plaque in artery walls of patients with heart disease. Note that the fish oil did not lower cholesterol naturally but did some thing much more valuable by helping you avoid a heart attack or stroke from clogged arteries. Results were published in the April 6, 1999 issue of the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine.

    Fish oil reduced heart deaths by 32%.
    Jean Carper, author, columnist and natural supplements expert recently reported on a new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine that finds omega-3 fish oils more lifesaving than statin drugs.

    Niacin is not as widely used as it once was before statin drugs became so popular. It does an excellent job of lowering cholesterol naturally but it has the side effect of causing  flushing when taken in high doses.

    Niacin in daily doses of 250-500 mg commonly increases HDL cholesterol by 15-20%. Higher doses should be taken only under medical supervision.

    An excellent way to lower cholesterol naturally is with policosanol and , niacin boath clinically tested and shown to be effective.

    I'm Gene Millen. In 1990 a heart surgeon, sawed open my chest and stitched in bypasses to six of my favorite heart arteries.

    My experience in exercise weight loss includes eleven years working with hundreds of people in the Vital Life Center, a health and wellness club for the "over 50 crowd and five years as fitness director in a retirement center.

    I'm not bragging about it but it took 59 years for me to catch on to the benefits of exercise. Sure I knew that "exercise is good for you" but I was just too busy with the important things of life. Following are some of the more important benefits of exercise to lower cholesterol naturally:

    • Lowers LDL cholesterol

    • Increases HDL cholesterol

    • The scientific data shows that not exercising is equal to smoking a pack of cigarettes per day.

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