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Policosanol Comparison

In a policosanol comparison study conducted by ConsumerLab four of seven policosanol products tested contained only 23% to 78% of the amount listed on the label. If quality is important to you be certain that the manufacturer of the supplement meets the Good Manufacturing Practices standards. This insures you that what you see on the label is actually in the bottle!

There are dozens of cholesterol lowering products on the market and the policosanol comparison choices can be mind boggling. I have chosen the following products as a representative sampling of what is available. The comparison isn't perfect but I've done my best to make it helpful.

The original policosanol comparison studies were conducted with policosanol derived from sugar cane. It's wise to avoid policosanol made with bees wax, rice wax or other plant waxes as many are not as effective as the sugar cane formulas. The University of Kansas Hospital  "Natural Pharmacist" website reports, "There is reason for concern that  policosanol products made with bees wax may not be effective."

Why should you trust us?
I'm Gene Millen, your Heart Health Coach on this website. It is rare to find credible websites that have quality helpful information. Most sites have little to offer but outdated "boiler plate" data and sales hype. Here's a short bio to help us get acquainted.

I have prioritized this policosanol comparison in the order of importance. If you jump down to price (we are conditioned to do this) and skip the rest you are not doing yourself a favor. There are a couple of sayings you should remember... "You get what you pay for." and "Let the buyer beware."

        No. GMP Derived Itemized   Cost Per 90 Day Talk to  
Product Brand Tabs Mg Doses Seal From Ingred. Price Dose Guarantee Expert Website

Life Extension

60 10 30 No Sugar Cane Yes 16.20 0.54 No No Life Extension. com


60 10 30 No Sugar Cane No 14.95 0.50 No No Vita Cost.com

Source Naturals

60 10 30 No Sugar Cane No 11.10 0.37 No No Vitamin Life.com
   20 mg.

Vital Life Nutritionals

60 20 60 Yes Sugar Cane Yes Sale 19.97 0.38 180 days Yes Heart Health for Life
Contains 20mg Policosanol made from sugar cane. Same formula used in clinical studies. 60 day supply - List $34.95 - On Sale now at 40% discount. Now on Sale...Save 40%!  


120 10 60 No Unknown No 16.49 0.27 No No Smart Bomb.com

Doctors Trust

60 10 30 No Unknown No 5.39 0.18 No No Doctors Trust.com

H&N Herbs

60 15 45 No Sugar Cane No 7.99 0.18 No No HnHerbs.com

Yes Gene I would like to try policosanol with your 100% guarantee.

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