Policosanol Statin Drugss Comparison. All natural product made from sugar cane wins hands down!

Policosanol Statin Drugs Comparison.

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  • Gene Millen, Author - Revised 5/1/15

    Gene Millen, Heart Health Coach

    I'm Gene Millen, your host on this website with my wife Bernie. In 1990 a heart surgeon sawed open my chest and stitched in bypasses to six of my favorite heart arteries.

    This got my attention...and caused me to make a dramatic change in my heart health priorities.
    I came across policosanol nearly 13 years ago when my doctor suggested that it would be a good idea to lower my cholesterol. He had put me on niacin and I had a hard time putting up with the flushing.
    So I did my homework to see if there were other options. What I discovered surprised me, and at first I was somewhat skeptical.
    It seemed like the benefits of policosanol were too good to be true. If the policosanol statin drugs research studies were valid why didn't my doctor tell me about it?
    There are some good reasons why there is little publicity about this natural side effect free alternative for Lipitor and other statin drugs.
    Most people have never heard about policosanol. The makers of Lipitor, Crestor and other statin drugs sure hope you don't find out about the policosanol statin drugs comparison.

    Marcia Angell, of Harvard Medical School, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine and the author of "The Truth About the Drug Companies" explains the impact of pharmaceutical companies on academic research, clinical trials and the political process.

    Angell argues that the large drug companies produce little or no innovation and use their political power to exploit consumers and taxpayers. In her book she gives us some revealing clues;
    The pharmaceutical giants employed 88,000 sales representatives in 2024 to "visit" doctors, promote their products and provide them with free samples. That comes out to one drug rep for every 6 practicing physicians!

    Medical protocol dictates that statin drugs are automatically prescribed as the "standard of care" regardless of the need. My cardiologist was "miffed" when I chose policosanol rather than take a statin drug.

    Most physicians are very comfortable with prescribing statin drugs and aren't really interested in the policosanol research.

    The physician who is up to speed on natural remedies is rarer than a do-do bird. Most doctors know little or nothing about the benefits of all natural solutions such as policosanol.

    Recent Policosanol Statin Drugs Clinical Trials

    In a report in New Hope Natural Media,Policosanol was shown shown to be more effective than Zocor and other statin drugs.

    "In a six-month study, 10 mg per day of Policosanol reduced total cholesterol by 16% and LDL cholesterol by 24%, and increased HDL cholesterol by 29%."

    Double Blind Study Comparing Policosanol to Statin Drugs

    In several policosanol statin drugs studies the results have shown this natural suplement derived from sugar cane to be more effective than Lovastatin (MevacorĀ®), pravastatin.

    Although policosanol and ZOCOR were found to be equally effective in lowering cholesterol during an eight week study policosanol also significantly increased HDL-cholesterol levels and Zocor DID NOT!
    This is significant, as HDL cholesterol (the good stuff) lowers the risk of heart attack and strokes!

    The side effects of statin drugs compared to policosanol.

    University of California San Diego Study of Statin Drug Side Effects

    The following study was put together by a group of scientists, doctors and students at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine.

    It pulls no punches in analyzing Lipitor side effects and those of other statin drugs.

    Lipitor side effects include changes in liver function.
    Your doctor will probably monitor blood tests to check that your liver continues to function well. If the liver function becomes too abnormal, your doctor will stop the drug.
    Muscle pain and weakness are common side effects with Lipitor, but occasionally something called "myopathy" occurs, involving actual damage to muscle tissue, which can be very serious.

    For this reason, if you develop new muscle pain, weakness, or tenderness on the drugs you should inform your doctor immediately.

    Memory and Concentration.

    Some people report changes in memory, attention, or concentration on statin drugs. They may have trouble finding the right word; may forget tasks they started to do; and may have trouble following conversations. Some describe "holes in their memory" and others worry that they are developing Alzheimer's.

    A Natural Medicine Physician Recommends Policosanol

    Dr. Michael MurrayDr. Michael Murray, author of Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, one of the most renowned doctors of natural medicine says;

    "In a 1997 head-to-head study policosanol was compared with statin drugs lovastatin (Mevacor), simvastatin (Zocor) and pravastatin (Pravachol) Policosanol and ZOCOR were found to be equally effective in lowering cholesterol during an eight week study...but policosanol also significantly increased HDL-cholesterol levels and Zocor did not."

    In the studies Policosanol produced cholesterol-lowering effects within the first 6-8 weeks of use. At a daily dosage of 10-20 mg of policosanol at night, LDL cholesterol levels typically dropped by 20 to 25% within the first six months of therapy.
    At a dosage of 20 mg, LDL levels typically drop by 25-30%.
    HDL cholesterol levels typically increase by 15 to 25% after only two months of use.
    The combined LDL reduction and HDL increase can produce dramatic improvements in the LDL to HDL ratio, which lowers risk of a heart attack or stroke!

    Summary of Why Policosanol is Superior to the statin drug prescriptions.

    The number one reason is that it is a natural product derived from sugar cane that has been shown in numerous studies to be free of side effects.

    It has been shown to improve cholesterol as well or better than cholesterol-lowering drugs, without side effects such as liver dysfunction and muscle atrophy.

    Safety has been proven in clinical trials, and it has been safely used by millions of people in the U.S. and other countries.
    Recent clinical research has also shown additional benefits, including improving the control of blood sugar among people with diabetes, and reducing inflammation.The latest research shows that these are key risks that can lead to a heart attack.

    All Policosanol is Not Created Equal!

    In a policosanol online comparison study conducted by ConsumerLab four of seven policosanol products tested contained only 23% to 78% of the amount listed on the label.

    The original policosanol comparison studies were conducted with policosanol derived from sugar cane. It's wise to avoid policosanol made with bees wax, rice wax or other plant waxes as many are not as effective as the sugar cane formulas.

    The University of Kansas Hospital "Natural Pharmacist" website reports, "There is reason for concern that policosanol products made with bees wax may not be effective."

    If quality is important to you be certain that the manufacturer of the supplement meets the Good Manufacturing Practices standards. This insures you that what you see on the label is actually in the bottle!

    Vital Life Nutritionals and Policosanol Statin Drugs.

    For many years Vital Life Nutritionals Policosanol Extra Strength supplements have been our best selling solution to improving cholesterol.

    We only recommend the best heart supplements that we can find...ones that we and/or our family and friends personally use.

    Vital Life Nutritionals LogoThe Vital Life Nutritionals Difference

    Vital Life Nutritionals are manufactured by a family owned and operated nutritional company celebrating 90 years of promoting natural health and wellness.
    Vital Life Nutritionals Policosanol is extracted from sugar cane and is the same formula used in the clinical research studies.
    Only the finest ingredients are used and you never have to worry about how fresh our products are as each container has a user-friendly Best By date.
    Our products meet stringent FDA regulations. This is noteworthy, as most vitamin, mineral and herbal products do not have the oversight of the FDA.
    GMP Seal All Vital Life Nutritional products have received the highest rating in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program.
    You are guaranteed that what is on the label is inside the bottle. A large number of supplements do not meet this common sense test.
    Not only is our product superior but out pricing is excellent. Since we do not spend large sums for advertising the Vital Life Nutritionals brand we pass the savings along to you!
    If you don't get the results you expect from any of our products (which is rare) I'll give you a no hassle refund. You have the Millen's Personal Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction!
    We are Independent Business Owners who have a powerful incentive to keep you satisfied. Our reputation depends on it!

    Edith's Policosanol Statin Drugs Experience.

    "My cholesterol was 397 and my doctor wanted to put me on Lipitor but I was afraid of the side effects. Gene gave me the research information on policosanol for my doctor to review and although he was somewhat skeptical he gave me the go ahead to give it a try.
    When I got my first follow up test after 8 weeks total cholesterol had dropped to 240. But the best news is that my HDL cholesterol was up which improved my ratio from 7 to 4.3 which is very good.
    I am elated and my doctor was pleased and I think a little bit surprised. He said "Keep on doing what you're doing." Edith

    Janelle's Policosanol Statin Drugs Story.

    "When the results of my lipid panel came back in the spring of 2001, my triglycerides were sky high (1723) and my HDL so low (8) that I was frightened enough to try any solution the doctor suggested.
    "A combination of a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet, exercise and the use of high doses of niacin, brought the triglycerides down to a reasonable level; however, nothing seemed to budge the low HDL level to much above 18.
    "When we moved out of state, my new doctor insisted that I try a combination of niacin and simvastatin to address what he thought were "unacceptable" numbers. In 2024 I finally caved and agreed to the statin combo drug.

    Within a year I was unable to walk up and down stairs and couldn't lift myself from a sitting position without holding on to something.
    "I immediately stopped the statin/niacin (against the doctor's advice), and I began in earnest scouring the internet for alternative solutions to what for me had been harmful pharmaceutical drugs.
    "How fortunate for me that I found the Millen's Vital Heart Health for Life site. I ordered policosanol and within six months my HDL began improving. My last test, three months ago showed my HDL at 36, not ideal I realize, but for me the best it has ever been. Triglycerides and LDL were also within normal range, and my total cholesterol was 180.
    "I am so very thankful that Gene and Bernie Millen continue to offer what I consider life-saving advice and products for those of us who are desperately searching for alternatives to the "traditional" drugs prescribed by most physicians today.

    By: Janelle Carey, Savoy, Illinois

    PolicosanolClick here to try Vital Life Nutrionals Policosanol Extra Strength capsules (made with the same formula used in the clinical studies) Save up to 40%.
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    "I am so very thankful that Gene and Bernie Millen continue to offer what I consider life-saving advice, and products such as policosanol, for those of us who are desperately searching for alternatives to the "traditional" drugs prescribed by most physicians today."
    Janelle Carey, Savoy, Illinois

    "There is nothing I read with more interest and enthusiasm than your columns. Thank you once again for your efforts."
    Jim Nash

    "I love it. I wish I had found this place a long time ago!"

    "Your article on vitamins is outstanding. You hit the nail on the head-as you always do. Keep up the good work."
    Dick Chatterton


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