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Cholesterol Numbers... Are They Too Low?

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  • People who take statin drugs to achieve lower cholesterol numbers stand the risk of having their cholesterol go too low. New studies show that people with the lowest cholesterol have a higher risk of cancer, according to a meta-analysis of over 41,000 patient records from 23 statin drug trials.

    Researchers found one extra case of cancer per 1,000 patients with the lowest levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, the so-called “bad” cholesterol, compared to patients with higher LDL levels.

    Past studies have found an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease among people with extra-low cholesterol. Meanwhile, statin drugs may cause damage to the liver and muscles.

    Although you would never guess it from watching the Lipitor, Crestor and Vytorin TV advertisements, cholesterol is good for us…in the right amounts...and the cholesterol HDL ratio is more important than just LDL cholesterol. See cholesterol numbers and heart disease risk chart.

    Dr. Mary Enig, a world renowned biochemist and pioneer in researching healthy fats and oils relates some of the little known benefits of cholesterol:

    • Your body needs cholesterol to make sex hormones. Could this be why many of those on statin drugs have a reduced sex drive? 

    • Cholesterol is needed for proper function of serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin is involved in the biochemistry of depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety, control of appetite, sleep, memory and mood.

    • Cholesterol acts as an antioxidant to protect us from free radicals. Free radicals attack the artery walls and contribute to plaque that ends up clogging our arteries.

    It's amazing and somewhat frustrating to me that the mainstream medical community largely ignores the most important controllable risks of having a heart attack or stroke.

    If your cholesterol dips too low, you will increase your risk of depression, stroke, violent behavior, and suicide.

    There is no evidence to support that extremely low cholesterol levels are beneficial, and increasing numbers of studies like the one above are pointing to the risks.

    Meanwhile, even if you DID want to lower your cholesterol, taking statin drugs is the last option you should consider.

    Cholesterol-lowering drugs have been linked to everything from nerve damage to memory loss.

    Former astronaut, Dr. Graveline (M.D. retired) is uniquely qualified to discuss the magnitude of statin drug risks. He suffered transient global amnesia as a result of being on Lipitor. Dr. Graveline comments,

    "The legacy of statin drug use at today’s high doses is a trail of chronic aches, muscle pain, numbness, weakness, confusion, fatigue, shortness of breath and even heart failure in hordes of unsuspecting victims."

    Statin drugs also deplete the body of beneficial Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), may actually INCREASE the risk of heart disease.

    There’s no need to risk dangerous statin side effects to keep your cholesterol numbers where they should be. Here is a proven formula that works:



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