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  • Gene Millen, Author - Revised 5/7/15

    Garlic benefits have been known for 5,000 years or more!

    Garlic is an important crop in our area of the San Joaquin Valley in California.

    During harvest and processing time, you can smell the fragrant aroma of this medicinal miracle for miles.

    Garlic has been used to heal ailments of the body since the beginning of recorded history. It has been discovered in Egyptian pyramids and ancient Greek temples.

    The heart health benefits of garlic supplements include;

    • enhancing blood flow through our heart arteries,
    • improving cholesterol,
    • reducing inflammation.
    These are key villains leading to a heart attack or stroke!

    Garlic is referenced in the bible during the time the Israelites were the desert after Moses led them from Egyptian slavery.

    In Numbers 11:4-6 they whined; "Why can't we have meat? We ate fish in Eqypt...and onions and garlic..."

    Ancient medical texts from Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and India each prescribed health benefits of garlic.

    In many cultures, garlic was administered to provide strength and to increase work capacity for laborers.

    Hippocrates, who may be greatest healer that ever lived, wrote 2500 years ago "Let your food be you medicine, let your medicine be your food."

    Garlic, more than any other food fits into Hippocrates' description of an ideal food, that which is both a super-nutritious food and a miracle medicine.
    Garlic was given to the original Olympic athletes in Greece, as one of the earliest "performance enhancing" drugs.

    Studies on the Health Benefits of Garlic Supplemts

    Garlic is good for us. And that was the consensus in Washington at the First World Garlic Congress, where scientists from 15 countries presented studies that show that garlic may inhibit cancer, reduce cholesterol levels and fight heart disease. It is one of the few herbs that lower cholesterol.

    John MILNER, Ph.D. Chief of the Nutritional Science Research Group Division of Cancer Prevention National Cancer Institute reported, "We have a history of garlic folklore to review to find out what is scientifically credible. And while it isn't a cure-all, there is incredibly exciting research that places new emphasis on garlic's importance."

    Another Health Benefit of Garlic

    Milner studied garlic as a possible inhibitor of breast cancer. After feeding lab rats substantial quantities of garlic, Milner found as much as a 70 percent reduction in the number of mammary tumors.

    University of Maryland Study

    Today garlic is used to help prevent heart disease, including atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries (plaque buildup in the arteries that can block the flow of blood and may lead to heart attack or stroke), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and to boost the immune system. Eating garlic regularly may also help protect against cancer.

    Garlic research is sprawling in every direction. For instance, scientists at the government laboratories in Los Alamos, N.M., got a patent this spring for a plastic, modeled after compounds found in garlic, that can be used in implants.

    The theory is that blood platelets won't coagulate around an artificial heart valve made of garlic- like plastic, because garlic acts as an anti-clotting agent.
    Yu-Yan Yeh, a nutrition researcher at Penn State, has found that other health benefits of garlic include its ability to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
    Studies have shown that garlic can benefit the health of our respiratory and circulatory system by helping with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease and artery hardening.
    And it also has anti-inflammatory properties. This is extremely important as inflammation is one of the key factors leading to oxidation of cholesterol which can clog our arteries.

    Summary of the Health Benefits of Garlic Supplements.

    The health benefits of garlic have been known for thousands of years and used as medicine throughout history as a valuable medicinal herb.

    In many cases a rise in HDL Cholesterol (the good stuff) was reported.
    This is because garlic contains the sulfuric acid alliin, which when activated by the enzyme allinase is converted to allicin, the component that gives garlic its traditional medicinal effects and its pungent odor.
    This means that the more allicin that is in the garlic, the more effective it is.

    Peter McClusky, founder of the Toronto Garlic Festival says

    "Garlic supplements deliver a concentrated form of allicin, which is the organosulphur compound responsible for the medicinal benefits of garlic. Pay attention to the quantity of allicin on the package."

    The advantage of getting garlic health benefits from supplements

    I enjoy garlic in my food, but garlic breath does make me less accepted in social circles. Vital Life Nutritionals Garlic Supplemts solve the problem of "garlic breath."

    Garlic CapVital Life Nutritionals High Allicin Garlic provides a minimum of 5 mg raw allicin per tablet which makes it extremely effective...and without the odor of raw garlic.
    This amazing tiny capsule is a 100 to 1 extract and is extremely easy to swallow...and there is no after taste or burping!
    In addition to the high allicin content our manufacturing process uses a special all-naaural coating in order to eliminate the traditional odor and reflux than can accompany many products.

    Why Vital Life Nutritionals High Allicin Garlic supplements are a top seller.

    As a top seller,Vital Life Nutritionals are an excellent solution for improving heart health...and much more.

    We only recommend the best heart supplements that we can find...ones that we and/or our family and friends personally use.

    Vital Life Nutritionals LogoThe Vital Life Nutritionals Difference

    Vital Life Nutritionals are manufactured by a family owned and operated nutritional company celebrating 90 years of promoting natural health and wellness.
    Only the finest ingredients are used and you never have to worry about how fresh our products are as each container has a user-friendly Best By date.
    Our products meet stringent FDA regulations. This is noteworthy, as most vitamin, mineral and herbal products do not have the oversight of the FDA.
    GMP Seal All Vital Life Nutritional products have received the highest rating in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program.
    You are guaranteed that what is on the label is inside the bottle. A large number of supplements do not meet this common sense test.
    Not only is our product superior but out pricing is excellent. Since we do not spend large sums for advertising the Vital Life Nutritionals brand we pass the savings along to you!
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    We are Independent Business Owners who have a powerful incentive to keep you satisfied. Our reputation depends on it!
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