The real causes of heart attacks are explained

The Causes of Heart Attacks
You Can Send Packing!

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  • Gene Millen, Author - Revised 5/28/15

    Heart Attack Causes you Can Send Packing!

    The primary reasons for heart attacks have been withheld from Americans for many years due to misinformation that has been promoted by special interests; the pharmaceuital giants and the mainstream media.

    In a misguided and inaccurate solution for why heart attacks happen, two of the nation's leading heart organizations; the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, recently released new guidelines on the use of statin drugs for the prevention of heart artery blockage caused by heart disease.

    These recommendations are a giant step forward towards Big Pharma's goal of having every American over the age of 40 be prescribed a statin drug.
    This is wonderful news for the makers of Lipitor and Crestor...but could very bad news for those who count on their doctor for advice to keep them from dying of heart disease.

    New research points to inflammation of heart arteries and high triglycerides as being important causes of heart disease

    Until recently, doctors thought of heart disease as a "plumbing" problem. The theory was arteries, like pipes, became clogged by cholesterol deposits and slowed down blood flow to the heart.

    Johnny Bowden, PH.D., the coauthor of The Great Cholesterol Myth, with highly regarded heart surgeon, Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C.recently recorded his comments on the causes of heart attacks on his blog.

    "The new statin drug recommendations abandoned the goal of lowering cholesterol to a target number because it never worked in the first place.
    This comment may sound strange and hard to accept, but believe me, it's true.
    I'm Gene Millen the owner of this website with my wife Bernie. Twenty-three years ago I had the dubious pleasure of having a heart surgeon, saw open my chest and stitch in a bypasses to replace six clogged heart arteries. The image on the left is my personal heart artery bypass.
    As you might suspect it wasn't a whole lot of fun...and started me on a journey to helping others discover the causes of heart attacks before it is too late.
    I've spent hundreds of hours sifting through clinical research for the latest information you (and I) need to know about the causes of heart attacks, and keep our hearts as strong and vital as our Creator designed them to be. I am staking my life on it.

    It's my goal to help you understand what causes heart attacks and how you can live vital heart health for life!

    The conventional wisdom is that high cholesterol is the primary cause of heart attacks, and that the cholesterol deposited in our heart arteries is the result of high saturated fat that we enjoy in the meat, eggs and dairy that our ancestors thrived on.
    The researchers mistakenly concluded that because there was cholesterol in our arteries that this was the cause of the plaque that resulted in causing a heart attack.
    That's like blaming the Fire Department for starting fires, as they are almost always found at the scene when buildings are burning.
    The truth is cholesterol is essential for a healthy body and brain and our liver manufactures far more of it than we eat.

    A piece of the heart disease puzzle that is rarely mentioned by the medical mainstream is oxidation from free radicals which causes cholesterol to turn rancid and stick to the walls of the arteries...especially in the heart and brain.

    The pharmaceutical industry spends millions to convince us (and our doctors) that Lipitor, Crestor or one of their generic cousins are just what you need to iradicate the causes of heart attacks. In 2024 they spent well over $200 million in direct to consumer advertising.

    It is sad that many people (including most physicians) lap up their convincing advertising like thirsty puppies.

    Statin drugs do a very good job of lowering LDL cholesterol, but at a very high cost in pain and suffering.

    If you are betting your life on these drugs to save you from a heart attack you could be in for an unpleasant surprise.

    Robert Superko, MD, director of research at Berkeley Heart Labexplains that cholesterol is not one of the primary causes of heart attacks.

    ""Cholesterol is not the problem we thought it was. Relying on cholesterol levels as one of the chief causes of heart attacks may not be wise since 80% of coronary patients have the same cholesterol as individuals who do not develop the disease.""

    The INTERHEART study on heart attack risk factors has recently reported that neither high cholesterol nor high LDLs (usually labeled the bad cholesterol by the pharmaceutical companies) showed up among the top causes of heart attacks.

    Dr. Salim Yusuf, lead researcher of INTERHEART Study According to Dr. Salim Yusuf, lead investigator of the study, which was recently published in the prestigious Lancet Medical Journal, more than 90% of the global risk for acute heart attacks may be predicted by nine risk factors.

    It may surprise you as it did me that this clinical study listed smoking as the 2nd most important cause of heart attack.

    According to INTERHEART, the number one risk factor of heart disease is a poor ratio of APO-B to APO-A1. These are sub classes of proteins found in cholesterol, which are rarely measured by most doctors.

    APO-B is the protein found in LDL cholesterol and APO-A1 is found in the good HDL cholesterol

    Increasing HDLs is much more important in lowering your risk of heart attack than reducing LDLs.

    HDL cholesterol acts like a miniature hydraulic vacuum cleaner, streaming through your arteries, scooping up the LDL cholesterol, and carrying it back to your liver where it can be delt with.
    HDLs also douse the fires of inflammation. It is this smoldering inflammation and oxidation that causes heart attacks by turning the cholesterol in our arteries rancid.
    Do you know what your HDLcholesterol number is, and what it should be? Although HDLs are routinely measured, many doctors provide this information to their patients only on a need to know basis. Learn how to raise HDL cholesterol
    Your blood pressure is off the chart, you're over weight, out of shape and your cholesterol is god-awful. In short I find you perfectly normal.

    Lack of Excerise and Too Much Belly Fat
    Are Key Heart Attack Causes.

    I probably should have saved this for last so you would keep on reading.This study concluded that the relative risk of a heart attack could be lowered by 80% by getting regular exercise, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoiding smoking.

    Smart exercise will lower LDLs and increase HDLs.

    Enjoy Heart Healthy Oils for good health.

    Stay away from trans fats. They lower your protective HDLs while increasing LDLs. Read your labels. (Check out the heart healthy fat link on the sidebar.)

    Enjoy olive oil, avocados, peanut butter and wild fish. If you can't find wild fish (and just about all the fish in the markets have been raised in fish farms, and has very little omega 3 oils.

    One of the most important causes of heart attacks is stress!

    Are your stressed out? Everyone is stressed to some degree. Even the rich and priviledged can't get away from it.

    The econony is in the tank, and most people are lucky to just make ends meet. We have concerns about our family, our health and a host of other problems that sometimes just won't go away.

    When I was laying in the hospital bed before my heart bypass operation my wife asked the surgeon how much of my neart heart attack was caused by stress. He said, " "Not over 95%"
    Click here for how stress is one of the causes of heart attacks.

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